Romance Of The Hebrew Calendar - Biblical Feasts - Second Edition

‘Romance of the Hebrew Calendar’ thoroughly explores the biblical feasts (‘Moedim’) in a unique and highly readable way from a Jewish Messianic perspective. It is supplemented with a rich blend of anecdotal stories from both a personal and wide variety of other Jewish sources.


In addition, this book demonstrates how the ‘heavens declare the glory of God’ clearly proclaiming the gospel of Messiah Jesus, directly connected to the twelve tribes of Israel and the Hebrew calendar. Readers will see the integrated and powerful Divine romance unfold as they explore the feasts through the pages of the book.


‘Romance of the Hebrew Calendar’ also examines the jewels of the high priest’s ephod, one for each tribe of Israel, portraying hidden treasures in colours that dance and sing in unison to the song of redemption.


Each of these unlikely themes in ‘Romance of the Hebrew Calendar’ (Moedim, heavenly constellations and jewels of the high priest’s ephod) join together to provide unique insights that illustrate the glory, majesty and wonder of our Creator God as revealed through Messiah Jesus.


The book also contains a section at the end with comprehensive examples of Messianic biblical and historical feasts which can be freely utilised or adapted as desired.


‘Romance of the Hebrew Calendar’ is perfect for individuals or groups, Jew and Gentile, who wish to better understand the relevance of the biblical and historical feasts and how they can enrich one’s relationship with God.


900 pages.  ISBN 978-1-4691-2775-0. Available from Autographed copies can be obtained directly from the author at for South African residents and world-wide. $25USD + postage.



Romance Of The Hebrew Calendar - Biblical Feasts - Second Edition

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