Weekly Devotions 285 – Moths and Rust

MOTH & RUST CANNOT DESTROY by Raphael ben Levi

The redeemed of the Lord eagerly await His return and one day soon will dwell in His eternal presence according to His promise. Compared to this, all the material possessions and other accomplishments we acquire during the course of a life-time pale into insignificance.

There is a story told of a visitor who happened to stop by the home of the great eighteenth century Hassidic rabbi, the Dov Ber of Mezheritch. He was deeply distressed when he saw the abject poverty of the rabbi. His home was bereft of all but the sparsest of necessities, characteristic of one destitute and immersed in need. He indignantly questioned the rabbi about his living circumstances finding it hard to believe that a man of such deep spirituality could have sunk to such levels of penury.

“How could you live like this?” demanded the visitor.

The rabbi looked compassionately at the visitor whilst pondering upon his question, and then responded:

“Indeed, I don’t see any of your furnishings. How do you manage without them?”

“What do you mean?” responded the visitor hastily, “You do not really think that I would take all my possessions along with me wherever I go? When I travel, I make do with whatever is available. When I am home, it is another matter altogether!”

“Ah, yes,” replied the rabbi, “at home, it is a different matter altogether . . .”

Let’s never forget that the building blocks we use to invest in this life will determine the type of mansion we receive in the next such as moth and rust cannot destroy.