Weekly Devotion 281 – Who will Wash my Feet?

WHO WILL WASH MY FEET? by Raphael ben Levi

Yeshua made a puzzling statement at His last Passover: “I assure you, servants aren’t greater than their master, nor are those who are sent greater than the one who sent them.” (John 13:16) What did He mean?

These words spoken by Yeshua was in fact a common Hebrew colloquial expression, literally, “It is enough for the servant, that he be as his master” which we also find in Matt.10:24-25 meaning in context that if it was not below Him to wash their feet, they shouldn’t disdain washing one another’s.

Yeshua reminded His disciples that the greatest in the Kingdom of God are those with a servant-heart (Matt. 20:26). He demonstrated this consistently throughout His life and most powerfully during this poignant episode at the Passover Seder when the very Creator of the universe washed His disciples’ feet. Could there be any greater act of radical love that would shortly reach its fullest expression? “…who, though existing in the form of God, (Yeshua) did not consider being equal to God a thing to be grasped. But emptied Himself—taking on the form of a servant, becoming the likeness of men and being found in appearance as a man He humbled Himself— becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.” (Phil. 2:6-9)

And here, at the same Passover feast we also will be soon celebrating, Yeshua remains on bended knee washing the feet of those He loves, the Servant-King who challenges us to do likewise. (13:17)