Weekly Devotion 269 – God’s warm embrace

GOD’S WARM EMBRACE by Raphael ben Levi

“For it pleased God to have His full being live in His Son and through His Son to reconcile to Himself all things, whether on earth or in heaven, making peace through Him, having His Son shed His blood by being executed at the stake.” (Coloss.1:19-20)

The apostle Paul made a powerful statement in his letter to the Colossians affirming the deity of Yeshua and His unfathomless love, so enormous it will take all of eternity to grasp. However, do not wait until then, for we can also experience it in the here and now. How much so? That depends on us. His love beckons, all we need to do is to respond, receive His embrace and surrender ourselves to the One who is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

There were some Jewish parents whose child stubbornly refused to attend Yeshiva or participate in the religious life of the community despite every known coercion or persuasion. Finally in desperation, the parents brought him before a famous rebbe who was making a special visit at the time. The parents lamented their situation and sought his advice. The rebbe looked intently at the boy and in a severe tone of voice said, ‘Just leave him to me for a couple of hours and when you return you will see the difference.’

No-one knew what he did but after his encounter with the rebbe, the boy was transformed and went on himself to become a famous rebbe. Years later, when he was known as the greatest rebbe of his generation, his disciples would sit around him and ask, ‘You are such a great scholar. How did you get your deep insight into the Torah?’ He would simply reply, ‘When did I learn to study Torah? When did I truly learn to study the holy Torah? I learned everything when the great Rebbe, Aaron of Karlin, held me silently against his breast.”