Weekly Devotion 262 – Seasons

SEASONS – by Raphael ben Levi

“For everything there is a season, a right time for every intention under heaven…” (Eccl 3:1)

It is amazing just how much we are regulated by time, from eating and sleeping to multiplications of other things. It is difficult to imagine life in a timeless vacuum without staging points or routines. King Solomon battled with this in his quest for answers to the meaning of life. In Ecclesiastes he claimed that all our pursuits and experiences are meaningless no matter how noble or praiseworthy they might be because our mortality must at some stage face the inescapability of death. Every accumulated possession and wisdom gathered over our entire lifespan is left behind. Any fame or status we may have accumulated in this world will eventually be forgotten or confined to dusty library shelves.

Amid this gloomy and pessimistic view of life, Solomon discovered something of great input. God is in complete control of the universe He created and His sequences and timings for everything under heaven are always perfect. Solomon finally understood that life is not arbitrary, aimless or futile. For everything, there is a season and a right time for every intention. This is of tremendous significance for disciples of Yeshua. When a life is placed under His full control, we are no longer driven by the tyranny of the urgent but are led by the Good Shepherd who goes ahead of us. Even when things may sometimes appear random, out of sync or even without meaning, and we may not be able to fathom every perplexing detail, “for everything there is a time and a season” and we rest with the confidence that yes, God is in complete control. One rabbi described it this way: “At the beginning of a wedding, the groom covers his bride’s face. When he does this he is saying to the bride, ‘ I am giving over to you all of my love, even when you cannot see me.”

Raphael ben Levi