Tetzevah (You [Moses] shall command) Ex. 27:20 to 30:10;

Moses was told to: “Command the Israelites to bring clear oil of pressed olives for the light so that the lamps may be kept burning.” (Exodus 27:20)

Aaron’s four sons, Nadab, Avihu, Eleazar and Ithamar, (who were initiated into the priesthood over a period of 7 days) were responsible for keeping the lights of the Menorah burning continually, “as a permanent regulation throughout all generations.” (v21)

So what would happen when the Temple was destroyed in 70AD if this was to be a permanent regulation? Had God given the Israelites an impossible command? Messiah Jesus became the answer to this dilemma. Those who are born-again into His Kingdom, both Jew and Gentile, have become priests of the Most High who serve Him day and night and bear His fingerprints that shine brightly in a dark world!

This is a beautiful and incredible illustration for all who love Yeshua, the ‘Light of the World,’ whose Light shines in us (John 8; Matt 5:14-15). He is the central stem of the Menorah (candlestick) the source which flows into each one of the other six stems, six being the biblical number that represents (in this case) redeemed mankind. Those who love Yeshua (the ‘Light of the World,’) have the stamp of His Menorah permanently lit up in our lives. (John 8; Matt 5:14-15)  It is not an electric light bulb which we can switch on or off at will – and we don’t need to worry about spiritual load shedding, for God who is our source will never fail us. The level of brightness depends on how willing we allow Him to take control of our lives.

It is easy for those who live in the free world to share the Gospel through words, because it costs relatively little but unless we walk the walk our witness remains empty. Among the most sobering words in the Bible are in Matt. 25:30-6 in the Parable of the Sheep and Goats.

Our righteousness is not determined by good works, but they become the fruit of our living relationship with God through Yeshua – a tree which is known by its fruit. There are many good people in hell because they bought into the lie that living good lives alone is sufficient for salvation.

The Temple Menorah was formed by beating one piece of gold weighing 100 pounds representing His body fashioned out of ‘one piece’ of pure gold. A replica stands outside the Temple Institute in Jerusalem, prepared for use when the 3rd Temple will be built. The Menorah has 7 branches which speaks of many different things. It was fuelled by the purest of oil set apart and sanctified by the priests who maintained it night and day. 

Only those who served in the Holy Place had access to it because nothing defiled could enter this inner sanctuary of the Temple. God is looking to transform us into His image to be refined as pure gold without impurities because this is His desire that we become changed from glory to glory by His Spirit. Although during Temple times the Menorah was confined to the Holy Place we can shine with the same glory throughout the world wherever God has placed us.

The olive oil used for lighting the Menorah was also used for the anointing of the High Priest for service. The word ‘Mashiach’ comes from the word for anointing (‘meshichah’). When we are immersed in His anointing oil we will experience the fullness of His presence and glory in our midst.

The olives for the oil used were harvested using long sticks to beat down the olives from the trees which fell on blankets and then gathered. The bitter juices from the olives were then squeezed out in a large press. The cost of being a true disciple of Yeshua does not come cheap. The ‘bitter juices’ bring us into a deeper walk with Him when we allow Him full access into our lives even those areas that are concealed.