Short Introduction

Messianic Jewish Studies (MJS)

This course is an introduction to a range of modules that provide students with a biblical and historical grounding to:

1. Better understand the place of Israel and the Jewish people in God’s eternal plan

2. Explore Messianic identity for Jew and Gentile and its implications for the Church

3. Deepen and broaden one’s appreciation of the Jewish character and culture of the Bible

4. Walk as believers in Messiah Jesus in holiness, obedience, integrity, transparency and first-love

5. Develop in spiritual maturity and shine as lights in a dark world, fulfilling the Lord’s commission to spread His gospel through word and deed.

We aim to provide affordable and practical training that is sensitive to the personal needs, aptitudes, individual potential and value system of every student; to develop the whole person for a lifetime of learning.

Students are required to obtain a hard copy of the author’s 3-volume book, ‘Bagels and Cream Cheese – A Messianic Jewish Handbook’ that will be indispensable as a resource for research, reference and reflection. (the ‘3 R’s’) In addition it contains a Glossary of understanding terms that may be unfamiliar to the student. Other than this there will be no charge for the course.

The book, ‘Romance of the Hebrew Calendar’, also written by the same author, is highly recommended but not a requirement. This book is an excellent introduction for anyone wishing to better understand the biblical feasts from a Messianic perspective, packed with much additional information for the reader to enjoy and be informed about.

Each module consists of on average 3-6 weekly sessions. Each year, we will be offering 24 sessions spread over a 2-year period making 48 sessions in total.

For full access and information for the course being offered at the Bible Seminary (and other courses that are available) please contact Raphael ben Levi at: