Roger Lenk DD PhD was born and raised in the UK, a child of Holocaust victims, and later emigrated to Israel for several years where he taught English courses in Beersheva University and High School. He was a member of a local Messianic Jewish congregation where he ministered as a worship leader.

Roger was employed for over 12 years as a Headmaster in the UK and a further 15 years as Principal of various international schools before his retirement in 2013.

Roger has designed this unique online distance learning course in Messianic Jewish Studies. It will provide a wonderful opportunity for students to acquire an indepth biblical understanding of God’s plan for Israel and the Jewish people.

Roger has authored several books and writes under his Hebrew name, Raphael ben Levi. The books are available for purchase from this website.

Roger is the leader of a Messianic congregation close to Durban, South Africa and resides close by in the South Coast with his beautiful wife, Anette.